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Take steps to enhance your organization's provision of culturally and linguistically appropriate services.

With your Culture Care Connection - Know Your Community and the results of your organization's Culture Care Connection - CLAS Assessment in hand, you are ready to determine your organization's next steps toward providing culturally competent care.

If your organization has identified gaps in basic cultural competence in caring for diverse populations, language access services, or organizational supports, the Culture Care Connection Web site has resources available to help you enhance service delivery to diverse populations.

Tools, training, and further reading are available on each Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) Standards theme. The site also has a list of Minnesota organizations that may assist you in obtaining information about diverse populations your organization may serve.

If you are recruiting diverse staff to further strengthen your connection to the communities you serve or support current staff from diverse populations, see the list of professional medical organizations for diverse populations.


Stratis Health has extensive experience in working with health care organizations to help them enhance their cultural competence in care delivery. If your organization wants to conduct a facility-wide CLAS assessment to help you fully understand how well your facility is performing against the CLAS Standards, or wants additional guidance in developing its plan to better implement and adhere to the Office of Minority Health’s national CLAS standards, Stratis Health can help. Contact us about the opportunity for customized training, such as:

  • Custom evaluations
  • Service improvement planning
  • Training options

If you would like more information about how to enhance your delivery of culturally competent care, contact:

Stratis Health