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Take the first step toward providing more equitable and respectful quality care and services by evaluating how well your organization meets the communication needs of your patients with diverse cultural health beliefs and practices, limited English proficiency and/or minimal health literacy.



Developed by Stratis Health around the Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) Standards, the Culture Care Connection CLAS Assessment was designed to help you:
  • Evaluate how well your organization meets national cultural and linguistic standards
  • Increase understanding of how your facilities systems, policies, and practices may impact its ability to meet the CLAS Standards
  • Identify possible strategies to address cultural challenges
  • Establish a baseline to measure future improvement
Take a FREE Preview of the Culture Care Connection CLAS Assessment.
This brief individual assessment takes approximately five minutes to complete. After completing the assessment, you will receive immediate results including recommendations based on your answers.
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Interested in Improving Your Results?
Organization-Wide CLAS Assessments Available

Individual assessments may not be enough to help you fully understand how well your organization is performing in relation to the CLAS Standards. Stratis Health can facilitate a full scale organization-wide CLAS assement to help you focus energy and resources. We can also provide a summary report, including a gap analysis with customized action steps and ideas to further your cultural efforts.

For more information about organization-wide CLAS assessments, please contact: Stratis Health, 952-853-3305.


About the CLAS Standards

The Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) Standards are a set of 15 mandates, guidelines, and recommendations originally developed in 2001 by the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Minority Health, to inform, guide, and facilitate organizations in their efforts to improve culturally and linguistically appropriate health services.
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