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Culture Care Connection

Culture Care Connection is an online learning and resource center, developed by Stratis Health, aimed at supporting health care providers, staff, and administrators in their ongoing efforts to provide culturally-competent care in Minnesota.

Cultural competence is having the capacity to function effectively within the context of the cultural beliefs, behaviors, and needs of consumers and their communities (Office of Minority Health).

Take the Culture Care Connection Quick Quiz. Examine your own cultural competence in a 10-question quiz that assesses your knowledge of the different cultures in Minnesota, cultural norms, health issues, and communication considerations.

Providing culturally-competent care may further your organization’s implementation and adherence to the Office of Minority Health’s national standards on Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS).

This site provides information on cultural competence concepts, health topics, ethnicities, stakeholder organizations, and resources that are most reflective of the needs of Minnesota’s diverse populations, as well as the health care organizations that serve them.

Culture Care Connection provides actionable tools to assist organizations in achieving their goals in relation to cultural competence.

Stratis Health

Stratis Health is a nonprofit organization that leads collaboration and innovation in health care quality and safety, and serves as a trusted expert in facilitating improvement for people and communities. Stratis Health has a long record of success in reducing health disparities among communities of color and underserved populations.

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Navigating Cultural Competence

1 - Cultural Competence Cultural Competence. Build your understanding of cultural competence.

2 - CLAS Assessment CLAS Assessment. Assess how well your organization meets national cultural and linguistic standards.

3 - Know Your Community Know Your Community. Learn the demographic, socioeconomic, and health status characteristics of the Minnesota counties and cities you serve.

4 - Enhance Service Delivery Take Action. Take steps to enhance how your organization provides culturally and linguistically appropriate services.


Featured Resources

YouTube Videos: Do I need an interpreter?
Video vignettes in 7 languages created by the Minnesota Multilingual Resource Exchange (The Exchange) through the Building Healthier Communities award to inform limited English speaking patients on their right to an interpreter at no cost.


Hmong (Closed-captioned in English)



Somali (Closed-captioned in English)

Spanish (Closed-captioned in English)


Teach-back Program from Minnesota Health Literacy Partnership

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